Why Wayne County?

Why Wayne County?

  • Huntington-Ashland MSA
  • Home to about 500,000 people
  • 500 miles from 1/2 of US population
  • 500 miles from 1/3 Canadian population

With access to interstate highways, river, rail, the Tri-State Airport, and the newly established Heartland Intermodal Gateway, Wayne County is a nexus for transportation.

Wayne County and the surrounding area boast strong, tight-knit communities with excellent schools and a qualified, capable workforce.  The County is quickly becoming a hub for farm to table activities and contains a plethora of outdoor recreation opportunities with breathtaking scenery. The region is home to quality healthcare facilities that provide excellent care to residents.  Local officials work tirelessly to provide top-notch infrastructure elements to citizens, businesses and available sites.

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Air Service

Air service is provided by Huntington Tri-State Airport (HTS). Located in northern Wayne County, WV with two major carriers: Allegiant Air and American Airlines. It is a commercial service, nonhub airport that enplanes approximately 100,000 passengers annually.  It operates a single 7,017 foot long runway with precision instrument approaches on each end.  Air traffic control tower provides separation services and sequencing. FedEx conducts scheduled air cargo flights from its facility based at HTS.

Tri-State Aeroplex is a source for economic potential.  A planned 95 acre area located on the southeast side of the airport property is set aside for specifically air and business development.

Appalachian Sky is a multi-state, multi-region aviation-manufacturing organization which the HTS and the Tri-State area as a whole are part of. Appalachian Sky aims to build on the existing aerospace industry by attracting business that supplies or compliments those businesses already thriving.


Interstate 64 serving the Ohio Valley thus provides four lane access to industrial and commercial sites adjacent to the Ohio and Big Sandy Rivers. The proposed Interstate 73/74 construction has begun and provides four lane access to the south western parts of Wayne County. Interstate 64 traverses Wayne County and is a direct link from the Mid-West interstate highway system thus connecting the great mid-west to the major industrial population centers in the Eastern United States and Canada Routes 52 and 152 run north to south the length of Wayne County are both connected to Interstate 64. The new four lane highway (Interstate 73/74) which is currently under construction will replace Route 52 serving the Big Sandy River Valley.

Rail Transportation

The CSX mainline traverses Wayne County. CSX line running East/West serves the Ohio River sites. CSX connects the Mid-West and the Ohio River Valley to the northeastern United States and Canadian markets including the ports of Baltimore, MD. Philadelphia, PA. New York, NY. as well as the St. Lawrence Seaway ports. Norfolk & Southern mainline traverses Wayne County running North/South serving the Ohio & Big Sandy River Valley’s prime industrial sites. Norfolk & Southern connects the Mid-West and the Big Sandy River Valley to the Mid/Atlantic and Southern states including ports at Norfolk, Newport News, Hampton & Portsmouth, VA. Wilmington, NC. Charleston, SC. Savannah, GA. & Jacksonville, FL. all of which are major points of entry and exit for international trade.

River Transportation

The Ohio River borders the northern boundary of Wayne County and is considered a portion of the port of Huntington, which ranks second in tonnage to all river ports within the United States. In addition, 14 miles of the Big Sandy River which borders the Western boundary of Wayne County, is open to barge traffic and serves the Coal, Chemical and Plastic Industries.